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Art Wolfe invites you to travel with him on photographic odysseys to remote lands and to experience nature, wildlife and different cultures right alongside him.

We’ve developed this site to help you explore these tours and workshops led by Art – artist, photographer, conservation advocate, and your guide to the best in photography and Planet Earth.


       AOC 2013              North American Workshops

         Seminars                 Workshops

Experience International and North American locations with world-renowned photographer Art Wolfe. You’ll travel to dream destinations, learn professional photography techniques, and appreciate the beauty of this world . The itineraries are already planned for you, so let’s go shoot.

ART OF COMPOSITION - NORTH AMERICA TOUR 2014 - 4 cities and dates

NORTH AMERICAN WORRKSHOPS - 6 cities and dates



Over the course of his 30-year career, Art Wolfe has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. Through his public television series, “Art Wolfe’s Travels To The Edge”, Art has been taking us on fascinating visual journeys to visit and photograph far flung lands, people and creatures. His love and respect for our planet’s beauty continue to inspire viewers.

A tireless traveler, Art is now going one step further, inviting you to join him as he leads photography tours and workshops around the world and in North America. He has created trips to provide you unique photo opportunities and unforgettable experiences, and is looking forward to sharing them with you. Several of these tours follow “Art Wolfe’s Travels To The Edge” program itineraries; look for the tours marked with this TTTE flag. If you haven’t yet been inspired by the “Travels To The Edge” series, click here for a preview.