You've arrived at our first offerings of International Tours with Art Wolfe! In these Tours, as well as in our North American Workshops, you'll be in the field shooting side by side with Art, then benefiting from his instructive critiques of your images later in the evening. Day in and day out, Art enthusiastically shares his knowledge of places, cultures, and creatures great and small. He enjoys explaining his techniques for capturing light, color and composition, and is passionate about helping each of his students hone his or her personal vision.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from and shoot with the best in the business. These Tours will fill up quickly, so we encourage you to sign up promptly, if you haven't already. Once you sign up, we will send you special instructions and details about your trip. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us – we can customize a tour for you if enough parties are interested. Groups are usually limited to 10.




       November 20 - December 8, 2014

       Led by Art Wolfe

       Starting at $11,995

       In collaboration with One Ocean Expeditions,

       (OOE) Canada, the photography workshop on

       this expedition, is co-organized by

       Iconic Imsges International,

       C4 Images & Safaris, together with

       Art Wolfe.

       Make sure to tell them Art Wolfe sent you!



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       November 2-17, 2013

       (15 days/14 night)

       Led by Gavriel Jecan with Emily Wilson


       Travel with Gavriel and Emily as they unlock the

       true essence of Morocco. A land filled with pink

       horizons. Gavreil will teach you to see and Emily

       will share her knowledge of the rich history of

       these places.

       Imperial cities, desert dunes, majestic mountains,

       endless coasts, beautiful oases and much more…

       Let's explore the Morocco few people get to see!


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       November 10-27, 2013

       12 participants

       Led by Denis Glennon AO


       Botswana’s Okavango Delta is a shimmering,

       matchless, watery jewel in the midst of the

       inhospitable Kalahari Desert. It’s flat, wildlife-

       packed expanses are awash with African colors

       and vistas. This African experience holds nature's

       untouched jewels just right for photography.

       Each camp/lodge is private and to maximize our

       photography, we will fly between locations.


Okavango_glennon1 Okavango_glennon2 Okavango_glennon3 Okavango_glennon4 Okavango_glennon5 Okavango_glennon6 Okavango_glennon7 Okavango_glennon8 Okavango_glennon9 Okavango_glennon10


       December 9 - 18, 2013

       (10 days/ 9 night Photography Expedition)

       Led by Gavriel Jecan


      Paradise beckons. Temples, religious festivals

      tropical rainforests, rice paddies, and more.

      Experience rural life, dance, and music. More

      festivals occur during this time of year.

      Gavriel will teach Lightroom and have lectures

      and critiques in addition to field work.

      This course is limited to ten participants.



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       January 14 - 25, 2014

       (11 days/ 10 night Photography Expedition)

       Led by Gavriel Jecan


       Join Gavriel Jecan's newest photo tour: through the

       lens, a view of India's most colorful and exciting

       regions. Photograph the brilliance of palaces, forts,

       tribal villages, colorful houses, exotic people, street

       bazaars, majestic lake/desert scenes, wildlife plus

       the wondrous and magnificent Taj Mahal.

       Reserve your spot today!




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       March 8-23, 2014

       12 participants

       $19,350 (AUD)

       Led by Denis Glennon AO

       East Africa is to the wildlife photographer as

       Florence is to the artist with names like Masia

       Mara, Amboseli, Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and

       Ngorongoro Crater. They conjure up visions of

       "the best of the best" for any photographer.

       This safari is custom-made for photographers who

       wish to experience untamed parts of East Africa in

       a once-in-a-lifetime all-in-one trip.


E-Africa_glennon1 E-Africa_glennon2 E-Africa_glennon3 E-Africa_glennon4 E-Africa_glennon5 E-Africa_glennon6 E-Africa_glennon7 E-Africa_glennon8 E-Africa_glennon9 E-Africa_glennon10


       February 27 - March 9, 2014

       (11 days/ 10 night Photography Expedition)

       Led by Gavriel Jecan

       $6690 USD

       The mental images that many of us may have of

       Japan are congested and kSinetic, but Japan has

       a truly wild side. Beyond its crowded cities, the

       country delivers quiet, unexpected, natural beauty.

       Join this photographic pilgrimage to the island

       of Hokkaido, where we will find dancing cranes,

       swans, eagles and the infamous macaque

       snow monkeys.


japan1 japan2 japan3 japan4 japan5 japan6 japan7 japan8 japan9 japan10


       April 2 - 13, 2014

       (11 days/ 10 night Photography Expedition)

       Led by Gavriel Jecan

       $6550 USD

       Deep in the majestic Himilaya lies a kingdom.

       Bhutan has survived in isolation for a thousand

       years. Gavriel and Jay lead you to a photographer's

       nirvana of mountainside monasteries, sacred

       festivals, chanting monks and local lifestyle in an

       environmentally and spiritually progressive nation.

       Travel with Gavriel and Jay to one of the most

       exotic destinations on our planet.


bhutan1 bhutan2 bhutan3 bhutan4 bhutan5 bhutan6 bhutan7 bhutan8 bhutan9 bhutan10 bhutan11 bhutan12 bhutan13


       February 15 - 25, 2015

       (11 days/ 10 night Photography Expedition)

       Led by Gavriel Jecan & Denis Glennon AO

       $9750 (USD)

       Buddhism is the glue that binds this nation as is

       evident in the golden stupas and pagodas and the

       monks in their red robes.

       Mindfullness, respect and caring are fundamental

       to this culture and permeates everything. This land

       is paused between past and an undecided future.

       Myanmar is a land of golden light that lends itself

       perfectly to magical photography.



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