You've arrived at our first offerings of International Tours with Art Wolfe! In these Tours, as well as in our North American Workshops, you'll be in the field shooting side by side with Art, then benefiting from his instructive critiques of your images later in the evening. Day in and day out, Art enthusiastically shares his knowledge of places, cultures, and creatures great and small. He enjoys explaining his techniques for capturing light, color and composition, and is passionate about helping each of his students hone his or her personal vision.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from and shoot with the best in the business. These Tours will fill up quickly, so we encourage you to sign up promptly, if you haven't already. Once you sign up, we will send you special instructions and details about your trip. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us – we can customize a tour for you if enough parties are interested. Groups are usually limited to 10.



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       September 7-14, 2014

       Led by Gavriel Jecan


       Bali ( Island of the Volcano Gods ) is one of more

       than 17,000 islands in Indonesia. The island, one

       of the world’s loveliest, is a paradise for

       photographers, and remains a place where it’s

       still possible to discover and witness authentic

       religious rituals that have not changed with the

       passing of time. The Balinese are some of the

       most hospitable people, and are happy to be

       photographed whenever asked.


Bali01 Bali02 Bali03 Bali04 Bali05 Bali06 Bali07 Bali08 Bali09 Bali10 Bali11 Bali12


       September 15-25, 2014

       (9 days/10 nights)

       Led by Shem Compion and Denis Glennon


       Spitsbergen (Svalbard) is a place of extraordinary

       beauty, dramatic scenery and rich wildlife. These

       Arctic islands are amongst the last remaining great

       water wilderness areas on earth. They are in a

       remote land where glaciers are mirrored in pristine

       waters and the largest predator of the arctic – the

       polar bear – roams the vast expanse of pack ice.


Arctic01 Arctic02 Arctic03 Arctic04 Arctic05 Arctic06 Arctic07 Arctic08


       Decemer 2-12, 2014

       (11 days/ 10 night Photography Expedition)

       Led by Gavriel Jecan

       $6846 USD

       Centered amongst the more popular countries of

       Southeast Asia, limited tourism has resulted in

       Myanmar holding a wealth of less-seen

       geographical, historical and scenic opportunities

       for photographers. Experience working with a

       professional photographer side-by-side as he

       negotiates the opportunities this visually-rich

       location affords. Limited to 12 participants.



Myanmar1 Myanmar2 Myanmar3 Myanmar4 Myanmar6 Myanmar7 Myanmar9 Myanmar10 Myanmar11 Myanmar12 Myanmar22 Myanmar23


       February 24-March 7, 2015

      (12 days/ 11 night Photography Expedition)

      Led by Gavriel Jecan

      $6370 USD

      Join us on Gavriel Jecan’s newest photo tour:

      through the lens, a view of India’s most colorful

      and exciting regions! experience and

      photograph the brilliance of palaces, forts,

      historically significant havelis, tribal villages,

      colorful houses, exotic people, street bazaars,

      majestic lake/ desert scenes, wildlife plus the

      wondrous and magnificent Taj Mahal.


India01 India02 India03 India04 India05 India06 India07 India08 India09 India10 India11 India12


       April 23-May 7, 2015

       (15 days / 14 nights)

       Led by Gavriel Jecan

       From $1350

       Come with us as we discover and photograph

       sights and culture unattainable to the usual

       tourist masses! Known for its ancients

       tradition of warm and generous, cultural

       hospitality, we not only see the Imperial cities,

       desert dunes, majestic mountains, endless

       coasts, beautiful oases and much much more.


Morocco01 Morocco02 Morocco03 Morocco04 Morocco05 Morocco06 Morocco07 Morocco08 Morocco09 Morocco10 Morocco11 Morocco12


       May21-June1, 2015

       Optional Cambodia Extension June 1-5, 2015

       Led by Gavriel Jecan

       $5290 USD, extension $2650 USD

       Travel with photographer Gavriel Jecan on this

       exciting expedition into the ancient heart of

       Indochina that will yield a treasure-trove of

       incredible images. Explore the immense variety

       Vietnam has to offer, from the northern tropics to

       mountains, rice patties and sea stacks. Take in

       the Sunday markets, where village life follows the

       rhythms of centuries.


Vietnam01 Vietnam02 Vietnam03 Vietnam04 Vietnam05 Vietnam06 Vietnam07 Vietnam08 Vietnam09 Vietnam10 Vietnam11 Vietnam12


       July 2-21, 2015


       Led by Denis Glennon and Hougaard Malan

       Namibia is a land of big skies and grand vistas

       blessed with captivating light; a place where

       uncluttered horizons seem farther away than you

       have ever imagined. It also a place of solitude and


       It has an austere, dramatic beauty. The

       landscapes, wildlife and people evoke and release

       creativity in your photography.


Namibia01 Namibia02 Namibia03 Namibia04 Namibia05 Namibia06 Namibia07 Namibia08 Namibia09